Spectrum Needs, a New Comprehensive Nutritional Therapy for Autism, Functional Conditions and Mitochondrial Disease

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Talking points include:

  • What does the medical literature say regarding the uses of nutritional therapies in the autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders?
  • What about the uses of nutritional therapies in functional disease such as pain, fatigue, GI dysmotility, dysautonomia, anxiety, and depression?
  • What exactly is Spectrum Needs, and how can it be used as nutritional support for the above conditions?
  • Spectrum Needs beyond the spectrum: What about the use of this product in the average “mito” patient?
  • How to integrate SpectrumNeeds into a complicated supplement regiment?

About The Speaker:

Dr. Richard G. Boles completed medical school at UCLA, a pediatric residency at Harbor-UCLA, and a genetics fellowship at Yale. For over two decades, Dr. Boles’ clinical and research focus has been on changes in genes involved in energy metabolism, and more recently ion channels, and their effects on the development of common functional disorders. Examples include autism, pain syndromes, chronic fatigue, cyclic vomiting, intestinal dysmotility/failure, and depression. Dr. Boles practices the “bedside to bench to bedside” model of a physician-scientist, combining an active clinical practice with basic research into the underlying genetic predispositions leading to the same conditions. He has over 80 published papers, mostly in mitochondrial medicine. For 20 years, Dr. Boles was a faculty member at the Keck School of Medicine at USC and a practicing medical geneticist and metabolic specialist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He was a Medical Director of Lineagen and Courtagen, which are/were genetic testing companies. Dr. Boles became involved in genetic testing in order to facilitate the translation of the vast amounts of acquired genetic knowledge into applications that improve routine medical care. Dr. Boles has an active private practice in Pasadena and Aliso Viejo, CA. About half of the patients he currently sees as a physician have one of more functional conditions, especially cyclic vomiting syndrome, other forms of complex migraine, and/or chronic fatigue syndrome. Most of the other half have an autistic spectrum disorder or related condition. His clinical practice is devoted to using information, including genetic testing, to guide options for therapy. His care philosophy, practice, and types of patients he accepts are discussed at http://molecularmitomd.com. A telemedicine practice has just started at https://cnnh.org. Dr. Boles also does legal consulting, especially for those with multiple functional conditions that others are considering fictitious disorder/Munchausen-by-proxy/medical child abuse. Finally, he is the primary designer of SpectrumNeedsTM, a nutritional product with 33 active ingredients designed for individuals with autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders, with an emphasis on assisting mitochondrial function (https://www.neuroneeds.com).

Date: 04/06/2018
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