DTC Testing – Power & Pitfalls

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Join MitoAction and Dr. Fran Kendall to discuss Direct to Consumer genetic testing (DTC testing) in detail. Some talking points will include:

  • Strengths and limitations of DTC testing.
  • Studies and data surrounding follow-up confirmatory genetic testing completed in patients with variets identified in DTC testing.

About The Speaker:

Dr. Fran Kendall is one of the pioneers in the field and is a Harvard-trained board-certified Clinical Biochemical Geneticist who founded the very first clinical mitochondrial disease program in the United States. Over decades of a career specializing in Metabolic, Mitochondrial, and Inherited Disorders, she: founded one of the first commercial laboratories focused on rare metabolic and mitochondrial disorders; pioneered telemedicine and private practice in rare genetics by founding VMP Genetics which has branched into 3 divisions (Direct Patient Care, Education, Physician to Physician Support); was the head of genetics for a large hospital system; authored chapters on mitochondrial medicine for medical texts and numerous research articles; lectures at medical schools and nursing schools on these disorders; is a frequent guest speaker at medical conferences on mitochondrial disease and autism; often acts as an expert witness in Federal court cases; and has appeared on national news outlets to offer expert opinion.

She currently sees children and adult patients from around the world in either her VMP Genetics clinic offices in Atlanta, GA or by telemedicine.

Date: 04/05/2019
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