Extended School Year and Summer Camp Planning

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Summertime is a time of changed routines for many Mito families. Camp programs, such as those supported by the Matthew Harty Camper Fund, provide special opportunities for children with mitochondrial disease.  Mitochondrial disease patients often qualify for and benefit from extended school year services through local school systems as well. Documenting the child’s needs to care providers as well as knowing your family’s rights to extended school year services can make a huge difference in your child’s summer experience.

Annette Hines, Esq., founding partner of the Special Needs Law Group of Massachusetts, will be speaking on the basics of extended school year planning and will answer any questions patients or caregivers may have about summertime planning.

Questions to be answered include:

  • Does my child qualify for extended school year services?
  • How do I obtain extended school year services for my child?
  • How does extended school year planning fit into the IEP process?
  • What do I need to do to make sure my child’s needs are met at summer camp?
Date: 04/06/2016
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