Genetics of Mitochondrial Disease

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Spotlight on Genetics of Mitochondrial Disease:

How Mito is inherited, nDNA vs mtDNA, family risk and more.

Nancy Slate, MS, discusses “Genetics of Mitochondrial Disease”. We’ll dig deeper into the latest explanations surrounding:

  • How mitochondrial diseases are inherited
  • How inheritance patterns may be similar and different for adult patients and for children
  • Understanding new testing, and peeking at emerging trends
  • Question & Answer session

About the Speaker

Nancy is the research coordinator for research cordinator for Dr. Sims’ Partners DNA and Tissue Repository for Molecular Studies in Disorders of Energy Metabolism at MGH and work with Dr. Sims as a mitochondrial counselor in the Mitochondrial Clinic at MGH. She is also the study coordinator for Dr. Vamsi Mootha at  the Center for Human Genetic
Research at MGH where she coordinates research studies and manages the IRB protocols.

Date: 02/04/2011
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