Get More from Every Doctor’s Appointment

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It’s time to take charge of the many hours that we as patients and families spend in clinics, waiting rooms, hospitals, and healthcare provider offices. How can you get more out of every appointment? More importantly, how can you get what you need from those interactions?

Health care is changing, for better or for worse it’s a new landscape. As a result, there are many, many changes which are forced upon healthcare providers and their patients. From changes in insurance reimbursement to productivity expectations for physicians, it’s tough for both physicians and their patients right now.

Meanwhile, children and adults with mitochondrial disease live with complex illness and in most cases a long list of symptoms. We have mulitple specialists, sometimes in multiple places. We have local docs, community hospitals, university clinics, specialists, therapists, outpatient labs, inpatient labs, out-of-state Mito specialists, etc. etc. How can we stack the odds in our favor so that we, the patients and parents, get the most out of every healthcare interaction?

Join us with MitoAction’s Executive Director Cristy Balcells RN MSN and Kathy Rivers MD to dig in to this topic and to hear strategy suggestions from Cristy and Kathy. Cristy and Kathy are both moms to children who live with mitochondrial disease and healthcare providers. We’ll take a look behind the scenes of what happens outside of the waiting room and how to get more from all of those hours spent in the clinic.

Date: 03/01/2013
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