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Help! G-tubes, J-tubes, TPN – Where do we begin?

MitoAction welcomed guest speaker and experienced home nutrition support expert Deborah Pfister from ThriveRx. Dedicated to improving life on nutrition support, ThriveRx’s Director of Nutrition Support will help us to understand the ins and outs of enteral and parenteral nutrition.  For many years she has worked with families on home nutrition programs, and she is particularly knowledgeable about the complex issues faced by those with Mitochondrial Disease.

  • What is a g-tube, or a j-tube?
  • What do “enteral and parenteral nutrition” mean?
  • Why do patients with mitochondrial disease sometimes need a g-tube, j-tube, enteral nutrition or TPN?
  • What is TPN, and can a person live without eating real food?
  • Are these conditions permanent, and what are the risks and potential procedures involved?
  • Where do we go for support to learn more?
Date: 10/07/2011
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