Mitochondria and MitoQ: A Research Update

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Greg Macpherson, CEO of MitoQ, discusses “Mitochondria and MitoQ: A Research Update.”

MitoQ’s mission is to raise awareness of mitochondria and the link between optimal mitochondria function, health, and longevity.

Topics of discussion include:
  • What is MitoQ?
  • Research Overview:
    • Mitochondrial Disease and Dysfunction
    • MitoQ
    • Clinical implications
    • Anti-aging research update
About The Speaker:

Greg Macpherson is Chief Executive Officer of MitoQ Ltd. He completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy at University of Otago School of Medicine in 1992. Subsequently he has been owner and director of a number of startup businesses that include New Zealand’s largest residential care services pharmacy, NZ’s first robotic dispensing laboratory, a pharmaceutical wholesaling company, and a software development company. He has been a partner and board member of a pharmacy chain associated with one of NZ’s leading retailers.

Date: 03/02/2017
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