Mitochondrial Disease and Toxins

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Mitochondrial dysfunction has been identified as an important factor in many diseases and conditions beyond primary mitochondrial disease, including autism, ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Exposure to toxins via medication, lifestyle, and the environment may lead to mitochondrial dysfunction, cell damage and organ dysfunction. Join us this month with Dr. Kendall Wallace, Ph.D., DABT, ATS to learn more about mitochondrial disorders which may be acquired by or aggravated by toxins. Dr. Wallace’ primary area of research is the mechanisms of involvement of mitochondria in the origination of metabolic diseases which may be caused by toxicity.

Focus on:

  • Non-genetic, lifestyle or exposure-related mitochondrial diseases
  • Multiple targets for exposure-related mitochondrial disease.
  • Environmentally acquired mitochondrial disease.

About the Speaker

Kendall B. Wallace, Ph.D., DABT, ATS is a Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs at the University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth campus. He is also founding Director of both the University of Minnesota Toxicology Research Center and the all-University Toxicology Graduate Program. Dr. Wallace’ primary area of research is the mechanisms of involvement of mitochondria in the pathogenesis of chemical induced metabolic disorders. He has published over 300 manuscripts, book chapters, technical reports, and research abstracts, almost all of which are in primary toxicology journals. Dr. Wallace has edited scientific reference books on the topics of Free Radical Toxicology and the Molecular Biology of the Toxic Response and has served on the editorial boards for a number of leading journals in toxicology; since 2011 he has held the position of Co-Editor in-Chief for Toxicology. Besides being past President of the Society of Toxicology, Dr. Wallace has also served as President of the Mitochondrial Research Society and the Academy of Toxicological Sciences and Chair of the Board of Directors for the American Board of Toxicology, the ILSI-Health and Environmental Sciences Institute, and the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. Scientific Advisory panels on which Dr. Wallace has served include the U.S. EPA FQPA Scientific Review Board and Chair of the U.S. FDA Pharmaceutical Sciences Nonclinical Studies Subcommittee Expert Working Group on Biomarkers of Drug-Induced Cardiac Toxicity, the Scientific Advisory Panel of the HRSA Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Medical Advisory Panel and the U.S. FDA CFSAN Food Advisory Committee.

Date: 10/05/2015
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