Sick Protocol for Mito Patients with Dr. Korson

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What should you do when you or your child is sick?

Being sick, even with a cold or a simple virus, is tough for most children and adult Mito patients. Many people with mitochondrial disease are “wiped out” when ill, and can take much longer to recover. Join us Friday December 7th, 2012 for an exciting teleconference with Dr. Mark Korson as we discuss what to do when a Mito patient is sick at home:

  • What signs and symptoms are cause for concern and require urgent medical support?
  • When should you call your doctor?  What can your primary care doctor do if your specialist is not local?
  • What degree of and types of sickness can be managed at home? How do you know?
  • Important steps to take if you, your child or a family member is admitted to the hospital

About The Speaker:

Dr. Mark Korson, MD, Medical Advisory Board Member – Dr. Korson received his medical degree from the University of Toronto, graduating in 1982. He completed his pediatric training at The Hospital for Sick Children in 1986; this was followed by a genetics and metabolism fellowship at Children’s Hospital, Boston (1986-1990). He served as Director of the Inborn Errors of Metabolism Service at Boston Children’s Hospital from 1990-2000, and is currently Chief of the Metabolic Service at the Tufts Floating Hospital for Children in Boston. He is also associate professor of pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine.

Dr. Korson was instrumental in the formation of MitoAction and has served on the Medical Advisory Committee since 2005.  Dr. Korson’s clinical interests include the management of inherited metabolic disorders (incl. enzyme replacement and transplantation), the development of teaching methods for training physicians, residents, medical students and community professionals about genetic metabolic diseases, and the development of mechanisms for the long distance management of patients with these disorders.  Dr. Korson is universally recognized as an expert in clinical practice for mitochondrial patients.

Date: 12/07/2012
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