Special Needs Planning

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Planning for your future with Mito… a workshop for parents & adult patients

Monthly International Teleconference Outreach

“It feels like each day is all I can handle – how can I possibly plan for the future??”

Living every day with mitochondrial disease as an adult patient or a parent caring for an affected child can be completely consuming and overwhelming. Many of us forget or put off thinking about the future, especially when the future feels so uncertain.

Jack Raycroft joins MitoAction with a compassionate perspective on simple steps you can take today to help ensure that your family’s future is more secure, giving us a little more peace of mind while we continue to live for today with Mito.

Each month, MitoAction holds a toll-free, international teleconference to address topics important to the Mito community.

Join us to discuss “LIVING TODAY WITH MITO & PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE” with guest speaker Jack Raycroft from Baystate Financial Services.

About the Speaker

John “Jack” Raycroft is a financial planner at Baystate Financial Services and a MetDESK Specialist with MetLife’s Division of Estate Planning for Special Kids. He works exclusively with families who have a dependent with special needs. Through workshops and consultations, Jack educates families (and the organizations that support them) on the issues critical to successful special needs planning. His work helps families prepare for the future and the time when they will not be present, or able, to care for their themselves or their children. He educates them on what they can do today and tomorrow to make their future more secure.

Jack speaks publicly throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island on the subject of special needs planning. He has presented at multiple organizations including The National Downs Syndrome Congress and LADDERS at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children.

Additionally, Jack serves as the Adjunct Planned Giving Director of maaps(Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools), a network of over 100 schools/programs serving all populations of the special needs pre-22 community. Jack provides charitable planning services to these schools upon request.

Jack is a parent of a child with special needs and he volunteers his time for the North Shore Arc, the Special Olympics and The Independent Living Center of the North Shore.

Date: 03/09/2009
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