Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy use in Mito Patients

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Dr. Bruce Cohen from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio discusses his perspective on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also known as HBOT, for people with mitochondrial disease.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the use of 100% oxygen at a level higher than the atmosphere.  HBOT is controversial, and has long been used to treat some conditions, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, burn inuries, and decompression sickness. However, some studies propose that HBOT may play a positive role with other conditions, such as autism, cerebral palsy, brain injury, multiple sclerosis and others.

Some patients and parents ask, “Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy safe for a person with the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease?”

About the Speaker

Dr. Bruce Cohen, from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, is well known in the mitochondrial disease community.  In addition to his background in mitochondrial medicine, Dr. Cohen has an extensive background in conducting clinical trials for cancer treatment.

Date: 08/06/2010
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