What You Should Know About Genetic Testing for Mitochondrial Disorders

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Join Amanda Balog, CGC, Senior Genetic Counselor, Mitochondrial and Metabolic Genetics, of GeneDx as she discusses: “What You Should Know About Genetic Testing for Mitochondrial Disorders.”

Talking points include:

  • Many genetic testing options for Mito patients are available and no one test is right for every individual patient.
  • Sample type matters when testing for mitochondrial disorders.
  • Detailed clinical information and family member testing is important for the interpretation of genetic testing.
About The Speaker

Amanda Balog is a board-certified genetic counselor and is the lead genetic counselor for the Mitochondrial and Metabolic Testing Programs at GeneDx. Prior to joining GeneDx, Amanda worked for several years as a clinical and research genetic counselor specializing in immune and lysosomal storage disorders.

Date: 11/03/2017
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