Sample IEP’s & Letters

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Listed below, parents, educators and physicians can find samples and templates of commonly used documents that can aid mitochondrial disease-affected patients and families in expressing and advocating their concerns for educational supports. These documents were formulated with the best of intentions; and there may be some areas that do not apply to your child(ren).

Please note that these templates are ONLY suggestive documents and that the contents of the documents are formatted to ease discussions with primary care physicians, specialists, and educators.  These documents offer a means to better communicate at office visits or to school personnel the complexities that may arise when attempting to convey your child’s particular presentation of mitochondrial symptoms, and how they are affecting their academic school performances.

It is IMPERATIVE that the implementation and acceptance of these documents  have a physician’s signature, proper school district personnel signatures, as well as the parent’s signatures to be used and accepted by your child’s school.If there is a template  you feel would be helpful, please feel free to send them to info@mitoaction.org .Children and young adults who live with mitochondrial disease should have the opportunity to thrive in the most supportive environment possible, both at home and in their school setting.

MitoAction is committed to helping educators, teachers, and therapists in your community understand how mitochondrial disease might affect your child or teen, and to offer constructive ideas to help modify the school setting to best meet his or her needs.

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