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by admin

For six months we have been fighting with our insurance company in order to get our daughter Eva a wheelchair. She turns 4 in April, and all of a sudden we left the world of overgrown baby items and crossed over into the land of special needs and durable medical equipment. Eva has Leigh's disease, a form of mitochondrial disease, that affects her muscles and neurologic system such that she cannot walk or talk. Sounds terrible, right? In reality, once we got over the diagnosis, we find so much joy in Eva.

Feb 16, 2008 Comments: 8
by admin

Brianna Couture

You may hear Brianna singing in local musicals or see her teach Tai Kwon Do to children. You may notice her lovely voice and her smile. You may notice the blackbelt that she wears at Tai Kwon Do. But you probably won't notice mitochondrial disease. Brianna was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease as an infant but has not let it get in the way of her dreams.

Aug 01, 2007 Comments: 5


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