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MitoAction has established a non-profit channel on YouTube where you will find videos  related to mitochondrial disease.

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 Press Releases & Publications

Might over Mitochondrial DiseaseTheresa Couture uses CrossFit to rebuild her body after suffering a stroke

Acton Pharmacy takes action for mitochondrial disease; sponsors MitoAction New England

MitoAction Energy Walk team has big impact on Marshfield boy


Rosenthal to rock a Mito bow tie during Red Sox game

MitoAction’s Statement on Nationwide Closures of Mitochondrial Disease Clinics

MitoAction hosts 4th Mitochondrial Disease Clinical Conference

Edison Pharma's partnership offers hope for Mito community

MitoAction's executive director appears on "The Blaze" speaking out about Justina Pelletier case in Boston

Essay: Falling through the cracks in the medical maze

Family traveling 3,000 miles to attend MItoAction Energy Walk & 5K in Boston

MitoAction hosts awareness event featuring Dr. Jeni Stepanek

MitoAction executive director receives DIA scholarship

MitoAction hosts Mitochondrial Disease Clinical Conference

Talking good with Cristy Balcells

Running for Declan: Stoneham mom training for marathon to honor her son

MitoAction accepts grant to develop family assistance program

Balcells publishes first book on mitochondrial disease for families

MitoAction Walk energizes mitochondrial disease patients

Joe Wise possesses unsinkable spirit

 Camp Korey changes lives for kids with Mito

ThriveRx Sponsors Children's G-Tube Book

Deep River Snacks features MitoAction on chip bags

What do the Kentucky Derby, Lilly Pulitzer® and MitoAction all have in common?

MitoAction develops on-line resource for Mitochondrial Disease Care Providers, sponsored by Edison Pharma

2010 Energy Walk & 5K Run for Mitochondrial Disease

Energy 4 Education DVD  available to teachers and parents

2008 Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week


I'm Brianna Couture


"What does a person with a severe disability look like? If the image that came to mind was a person who uses a wheelchair for mobility, than you're not alone. But here are the facts: over 26 million people in the United States with severe disability, of those 26 million only 7 million use assistive devices such as a wheelchair, cane, crutch or walker. In other words over 74% of the Americans with severe disabilities do not use any devices. So you can't judge a persons disability by whether or not the person looks disabled. It is invisible."

Mitochondrial Disease: A new class of illnesses

NECN video

"Many people have never heard of Mitochondrial disease, but it affects nearly 1 in every 4,000 Americans. NECN's Health and Science reporter Anya Huneke has more on the challenges that those with the disease deal with on a daily basis. Dr. Katherine Sims of Mass. General Hospital joins us to talk about Mitochondrial disease."