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Top Ten MitoAction Resources


  • iTunes Podcast Library: Gain knowledge through the recordings of our monthly toll-free teleconferences with expert speakers on topics important to the Mito community. There are more than 100 presentations available with audio resources, slides, and written summaries. 

  • Mito 411: Receive live, one-to-one support, education, and advocacy, and form a unique bond by speaking to a volunteer with a direct tie to mitochondrial disease. Call 1-888-MITO-411 or email to request support.

  • Weekly Support Groups: Get support via these weekly teleconferences for newly diagnosed patients, for parents, and for adult patients and spouses. There are also regular Mito-Autism calls. 

  • Symptom Guide for Clinicians: Doctors and healthcare providers use this online guide to learn about and better manage the complex symptoms of Mito. 

  • Physicians list: Refer to this list when seeking a physician who has expertise in the field of mitochondrial medicine. 

  • Protocols for Mito Patients: From vomiting and dehydration to surgery, fever, or infection, manage these challenges better with clinical protocols. 

  • Advocacy: Be prepared to face non-medical issues such as disability law, insurance concerns, special education, and even allegations of medical child abuse with information and community resources that can make this journey a little easier. 

  • Marcel’s Way Family Fund: MWFF offers a helping hand in the way of direct financial support to those suffering from mitochondrial disease.

  • Matthew Harty Camper Fund: This fund sends children with Mito to summer camp and provides college scholarships for Mito students and students from North Andover (MA) High School. 

  • “Energy 4 Education”: Help kids with mitochondrial disease succeed in school with this comprehensive video. 

  • Mito Toxic Medication List: Avoid adverse effects by consulting this list of medications that may have detrimental effects on the mitochondria