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Top Ten Mitochondrial Disease Resources


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  1. iPhone/iPod App and iTunes Podcast Library: Track your symptoms, daily intake, meds, and more using our Mito App. Gain knowledge through the recordings of our monthly toll-free teleconferences with expert speakers on topics important to the Mito community.

  2. MitoAction Mitochondrial Disease Clinical Conferences: Doctors and nurses advance their knowledge about identifying mitochondrial diseases, managing adults and children with mitochondrial disorders, and assisting patients with treatment options and coordinated care. 

  3. Symptom Guide for Clinicians: Doctors and healthcare providers use this online guide to learn about and better manage the complex symptoms of Mito.

  4. Weekly Support Groups: Get support via these weekly teleconferences for newly diagnosed patients, for parents, and for adult patients and spouses.

  5. Physicians list: Refer to this list when seeking a physician who has expertise in the field of mitochondrial medicine.

  6. “Living Well with Mitochondrial Disease: A Handbook for Patients, Parents, and Families”:  Read Cristy Balcells’ must-have book to live well with Mito -- from diagnosis to treatment.  

  7. Mito-Autism Task Force: Check this section often for updated information about the research between autism and Mito.

  8. Mito Toxic Medication List: Avoid adverse effects by consulting this list of medications that may have detrimental effects on the mitochondria. 

  9. Protocols for Mito Patients: From vomiting and dehydration to surgery, fever or infection, manage these challenges better with clinical protocols.

  10. “Energy 4 Education”: Help kids with mitochondrial disease succeed in school with this comprehensive video.

    Other important resources!

    MitoAction's monthly teleconference, with guest speakers, by toll-free teleconference (every first Friday of the month @ noon) and summaries of medical Mito discussions archived in the blog.

    Videos, for education and awareness, viewable on YouTube

    Mito 411 support hotline, staffed by volunteers who are patients or caregivers (888-MITO-411)

    MitoAction Energy Walk Walk & 5K (Mother's Rest, Boston, MA)