Traveling by Cruise

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“Taking a Cruise would be my dream vacation, but my children and I have Mito

Some families find cruises a nice alternative to vacations on land. In general, the ships themselves are accessible and there are wheelchairs on board if you want to borrow one. Most ships also have disabled rooms. Many shore excursions are easy for the disabled to do and there is plenty of time
to rest onboard the ship. There is always a medical staff on board the ship if needed also.

Be sure to call the cruise line ahead of time to find out their accessibility to travelers with disabilities. Also, be sure they know of your medical conditions and whether they will need any sort of treatment while on the ship.

  • If you need a refrigerator for medications, be sure the stateroom has that available.
  • If you require medical supplies to be shipped, make sure you have a contact person and an exact location of where they will need to be shipped to.
  • Ask that the supplies be shipped to arrive at the port the day of the cruise and be sure that your supplies are onboard the ship before it leaves the port.
  • Before the ship leaves the port, you may also want to count the medical supplies or go down the inventory list to be sure that everything is accounted for.

There are many cruise companies that offer facilities for those with special needs, but the following are considered among the best.