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When Adam was diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy in 2019, Emma tried to help out around the house the best that she could.  She has always had a strong passion for helping others, and this made her realize that she wanted to help people with mitochondrial diseases as well.  Emma believes that all parts of a patient’s journey are important, whether they were recently diagnosed, have been diagnosed for a long time, or are still navigating the diagnostic journey!

Emma spent some time researching the different programs that MitoAction offers and found ways to support patients of all ages and in all stages of their journey.  She then realized that she could use her love for baking to spread awareness and all donations received from cupcake orders would benefit mitochondrial disease patients.


To donate, or order now, click here!  To learn more about Another Helping, continue reading!

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Together, our impact can be amazing and help so many people!  Check back regularly to view Emma’s progress towards her goal of $1,500 per initiative!