Medical Nutrition Equity Act

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Important federal legislation was reintroduced to both the Senate and House of Representatives this summer and we need your help to get it passed!   This legislation will help reduce healthcare costs in our community.  The Medical Nutrition Equity Act (Senate Bill 2013 and House Bill 3783) is bipartisan legislation that will guarantee all health insurance plans cover medically necessary nutrition for a specific set of digestive disorders, inherited metabolic disorders (ie PKU and FAODs) and inherited disorders of mitochondrial functioning.   This bill is narrowly focused and guarantees insurance coverage of important items in our community such as medical formula (ie monogen, lipistart, and portagen) and special vitamins/supplements prescribed by doctors (ie components of your “mito-cocktail”).

If you have never heard of this legislation, click here to learn more!

How can you get involved?

Click here to see if your legislator has already co-sponsored the bill!

If you do not see your Senators and/or your Representative in congress listed as a co-sponsor we need your help to make this happen!! Your legislators want to hear from YOU, their constituents! This bill cannot move forward without more co-sponsors!


Write a letter to BOTH Senators and your Representatives in congress!

If you have never done this before, click here and prompts will walk you through the process!



CALL and leave a message at your legislators’ DC offices!

This is one of the most important things that you can do and it is SO simple!  To find your two Senators’ DC office numbers, click here and to find your House of Representatives’ DC office number, click here.  When you call say: “I am calling because the Medical Nutrition Equity Act (House Bill 3783 /Senate Bill 2013) is really important to me and I would like—(Senator/Representative Name)—- to co-sponsor this bill!”  If you want to be extra helpful, ask for the “Health Legislative Assistant’s email address” and e-mail them a follow up letter sharing that you really want your Senator/ Representative to co-sponsor this bill!