Mitochondrial Medicine Society (MMS) Standards of Care Review & Updates

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Talking points include:
  • What are Standards of Care and why does the Mito community need such standards?
  • Review the MMS’s Standards of Care for Mitochondrial Disease and how they were developed.
  • Outline upcoming MMS projects.
About The Speaker:

Dr. Amel Karaa is a board certified internist and clinical geneticist, director of the mitochondrial disease program at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. She received the 2013 United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) Fellowship and is conducting clinical research and clinical trials for mitochondrial disease. She was recently elected president of the Mitochondrial medicine Society and sits on the scientific and medical board for MitoAction and the UMDF. Dr. Karaa is also on the board of Rare New England and the newly launched Mitochondrial Care Network. She is committed to being an advocate for her mitochondrial disease patients and their families and to educate adult providers in recognizing and treating mitochondrial patients within the community.

Date: 09/07/2018
Speaker: Dr. Amel Karaa
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