Drug Toxicity and Mitochondria

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MitoAction is excited to welcome Dr. James Dykens, Director of Investigative Cellular Toxicity at Pfizer Drug Safety Research &  Development and author of the 2008 book “Drug Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction”.

Dr. Dykens shares with us today his perspectives on the relationship of mitochondrial function to overall health and discusses the potential effects of potential drug-induced mitochondrial toxicity. As the relationship between mitochondrial function, aging, disease and health gain traction, the importance of mitochondrial function and cellular health is in the spotlight. Dr. Dykens also discusses drug effects in patients with mitochondrial disease as well as the idea of toxicity related mitochondrial impairment to muscles, organs, and the nervous system. Dr, Dykens makes it clear that the opinions expressed here are his alone, not those of Pfizer.

Date: 05/01/2009
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