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Monthly Mito Expert Series

by Cristy Balcells

How can you prepare your child for independence?

Nov 05, 2013 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells

Join us with Dr. Joseph Clark PhD to learn more about creatine deficiencies. Dr. Clark is a professor of neurology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. His many research interests include creatine deficiency disorders, glutathione and oxidative stress, and the role of cyclocreatine in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder.

Oct 30, 2013 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
Stay informed - join the Bendavia communication list to be contacted first about future clinical trials!Want to learn more? Watch the video and see the FAQs at
Sep 30, 2013 Comments: 1
by Cristy Balcells

Join us this Friday, September 13th 2013 at 12 PM Eastern time (9 AM Pacific) for a toll-free teleconference with Dr. Richard Boles as we learn more about how to interpret genetic test results.

Sep 10, 2013 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
Join us this month on Friday May 3, 2013 with Dr. Hope Schreiber from Tufts Medical Center to talk about successful transitions for teens and young adults with mitochondrial disease.Based on a pilot study conducted by Dr. Schreiber and published in the Journal of Child Psychiatry in December 2012, we will talk about attitudes, behaviors and skills that were most common in teens and young adults with mitochondrial disease facing transition to college or independence.
Apr 25, 2013 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells

Patients, parents and families - please join us Friday April 5th by teleconference to learn more about this exciting mitochondrial disease clinical trial. An update from Edison Pharma on the Development of EPI-743

Mar 27, 2013 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells

It's time to take charge of the many hours that we as patients and families spend in clinics, waiting rooms, hospitals, and healthcare provider offices. How can you get more out of every appointment? More importantly, how can you get what you need from those interactions?

Feb 21, 2013 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
Do you have a child with mitochondrial disease (known or suspected)?Are you stressed?Are you tired?Do you feel like no one, including friends and even your own doctors, really understands what it's like to be the parent of a child with Mito?You can make a difference by participating in this 10 minute survey through Washington State University School of Nursing. WE NEED YOUR VOICE!!!
Jan 28, 2013 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells
Join us for the annual "Mito Town Meeting," Friday, Jan. 4, 2013 at noon EASTERN time. The annual town meeting is our way of kicking off the new year by sharing all that is planned for the year. We'll hear from volunteers and representatives from a variety of programs and organizations. This is the meeting to attend if you want to get involved or get informed!


Importance of Community: Philip Borden, MitoAction Board President

Jan 02, 2013 Comments: 0
by Cristy Balcells

What should you do when you or your child is sick?

Being sick, even with a cold or a simple virus, is tough for most children and adult Mito patients. Many people with mitochondrial disease are "wiped out" when ill, and can take much longer to recover. Join us Friday December 7th, 2012 for an exciting teleconference with Dr. Mark Korson as we discuss what to do when a Mito patient is sick at home:

Nov 30, 2012 Comments: 0