Transitioning Your Care Team

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From time to time, mitochondrial disease patients must transition care from one physician to another due to a household move, retirement of a practitioner, aging out of a pediatric practice or any number of other reasons. To facilitate such transitions, MitoAction has created and consolidated resources to help mitochondrial disease patients locate new physicians for their care.

MitoAction has developed a brief health history form to help patients consolidate often lengthy medical histories. This form is required by some practices before a transition may be made. Please download the template attached below and save it as a new document before entering the patient’s health history.

MitoAction also is happy to provide suggestions to any mitochondrial disease patient who needs help with finding a doctor to manage their care. Please refer to the online physicians’ directory for possible options and feel free to contact mito411@mitoaction.org if you need additional assistance.

Please note that physician names listed on the physician list or otherwise provided by MitoAction are suggestions only; the patient or caregiver ultimately is responsible for selection of medical providers. MitoAction also has no input into or control over whether a particular physician agrees to provide care to specific patient.